‘’Sometimes You Need a Little Bit of Bad Taste!”


Madeleine Castaing’s hard to copy style was whimsical and original. A trailblazer for individual style, Castaing had the ability to put together items that should not go together (in theory) to create a cohesive and well thought through scheme. She is probably the only interior designer who could pull off combining leopard carpet paired with neoclassicism and bold wallpaper without the result looking like Joan Collins‘ boudoir!

I share Castaing’s passion for antiques, and like how she mixed a range of different periods and styles; from English Regency to the heavy, romantic interiors of Balzac.

Ever looking for the unique and pushing boudaries she mixed highly valuable pieces with cheap materials such as rattan and was quoted ‘‘sometimes you need a little bit of bad taste’‘. Castaing was a creative person who liked what she liked, no matter what the price tag or convention said. It’s no surprise that she was friends with both Leger and Picasso and a keen sponsor of many artists including the expressionist Soutine.

For a sprinkle of Castaing je ne sais quoi, it is possible to buy some of Castaing’s flamboyant fabrics by Brunchwig & Fils. Their collection features some beautiful and daring fabrics, amongst them Rayure Fleurie

Images via Inside Fabric and Architectural Digest 


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