The art of the perfect tablescape

Tablescape by David Hicks. The bold use of colour and geometrical effect is typical for Hicks’ style.
Another, more delicate tablescape by David Hicks.
India Hicks’ tablescapes are more bohemian and is a reflection of her personal style. A perfume bottle and a silver compact are part of the composition.

A tablescape is an arrangement of objects, where the overall impression is greater than the sum of its parts. A perfect one brings personality and interest to a room and acts as a focal point and even a conversation starter!

It is said that the word tablescape was invented by the legendary British interior designer David Hicks (1929-1988). Hicks was obsessed with tablescaping and often mixed objects in an unconventional and daring manner, but always with a common theme such as a reoccurring colour accent. David’s daughter, India Hicks (also an interior designer) is also a fan of tablescapes and features some beautiful arrangements in her stunning coffee table book Island Style).

The secret to a perfect tablescape? Apparently, the rule is ‘’something tall, something fat and something flat’’. 

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